Stress Management


Just like us, kids also struggle with stress related issues. The teenagers also face the problem of getting stressed over minor things. Experiencing too much pressure and demands may lead to stress. When a child is not able to cope with it in a healthy way and gets over-stressed over trivial issues, it is a situation of concern for the parents.

The reasons for undue amount of stress could be many like unhealthy family relations, overloaded with studies, lot of commitments, peer pressure and many more. Signs and symptoms of stress among children and teens include: imminent physical danger, not getting enough sleep, worrying about tests and schoolwork, an upcoming class presentation, or even eating on the run due to a hectic schedule.

From the very beginning, the kids should be taught to plan and solve the problems of day-to-day life. They should be made to understand how to manage stress successfully by simple tips like not over-scheduling, healthy sleeping pattern, taking out time to play or for outdoor activities and following good eating habits. If still your child is not able to manage stress effectively, then it is matter to give some serious consideration.

There are ways to minimize and manage the stress that’s unavoidable. In MCP growth groups, clients will learn new ways to minimize and cope with stress. Mindfulness practices have also been shown to be beneficial in coping with stress and these techniques will be practiced towards the end of our groups.