Panic attacks in Children and Teens


An intense rush of psychological symptoms like anxiety and fear or physical symptoms like sudden breathlessness or a speedy heartbeat or unnecessary trembling are all signs of a panic attack. It is a serious mental health condition and may start showing symptoms in teenage stretching over to adulthood. The ones who are suffering from it go through a sudden onset of extreme anxiety occurring anytime anywhere due to which it becomes difficult for them to lead a normal and fulfilling life. We offer the required support and assistance in getting this medical condition treated.

Panic attacks amongst children and teens are of great concern and can be defined as a period of feeling intense fear and fearful thoughts. Physical symptoms include increasing heart rate, chest pain, possible choking sensations, difficulty in breathing, sweating, trembling, gastrointestinal distress, changes in body temperature, hot or cold flushes, dizziness, or even numbness or tingling in limbs.
They may also begin to avoid going places and engaging in activities due to fear that a panic attack may happen again. Fearful thoughts may include a fear of dying, losing control on one’s mind or self, or feeling as if events seem unreal such as if one is in a dreamlike state. Panic attacks may occur unexpectedly and can happen without warning. They can also occur in public places such as a restaurant or a shopping mall which may cause the person to leave the situation abruptly and lead to avoiding the places where they experienced a panic attack entirely.

MCP Growth Groups offer the essential support for children and teens who are facing this serious mental health problem of panic attacks by following a result-oriented approach and managing technique.