Anger Management


Anger is a healthy and normal emotion. It creates problem only when it goes out of control from time to time and turns destructive leading to adversities in your personal as well as professional life. Anger management is very essential so as to prevent yourself from living in fear of being attacked by the powerful emotion of abnormal anger at any given point of time under any circumstances.

Difficulties with managing anger in children and teens include outbursts that can be in the form of verbal tirades or physical aggression. These outbursts are impulsive, not premeditated and extremely difficult to predict. The outbursts may occur without a trigger or may not be proportionate to the preceding trigger. There are various reasons behind uncontrolled and unpredictable anger. Anger issues may also be paired with depression, substance use, depressive disorders, and post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Parents should get alert in case they get to notice such signs and symptoms in their children. Anger can be managed by understanding the underlying cause and then through result-oriented counseling.

MCP Growth Groups provide support to such children and teens who suffer from mismanagement of anger and offer them constructive guidelines and counseling to overcome this issue. Clients in our growth group sessions will connect with others who are experiencing difficulty with managing anger and will learn new ways of handling their anger by dealing with any underlying concerns. Learn how to cope with and manage stress, along with building positive coping skills.