Holistic Group Therapy For Children

With several years of experience and a proven track record of being the most successful counseling and guidance institution in Florida, Miami Clinical Psychotherapy is a one-stop destination to avail group therapy for kids, teens as well as women of all ages.

Group Therapy

In order to facilitate the holistic growth of kids, Miami Clinical Psychotherapy has a team of experts working on several areas of child counseling such as bullying, trauma, divorce of parents, anger management, human trafficking, drug abuse, abandonment, ADHD, loss and bereavement, self-esteem, anxiety and depression.

Group therapy for kids from Miami Clinical Psychotherapy must be chosen for the following reasons.

  • Children today handle a number of sensitive issues and need the right help to cope up with them all.
  • Most parents are often too immersed in work and are unavailable for their kids when in need.
  • Group therapy for kids is available in two ways, Open and closed groups and the choice depends upon the specific need of the individual child.
  • Group therapy involves a very reasonable and affordable price.
  • Group therapy helps open up for help and paves way to meet like-minded children and work as a team for improved results.
  • Most importantly, the Group Therapy is headed by Mr. Faramroze Sarkari who is a qualified clinical counseling professional is the state of Florida. He ensures that all group therapy sessions for kids are made interactive, interesting and yet drives home the point without any hassles.

Mental health is essential for the overall cognitive development of a child and Miami Clinical Psychotherapy focuses on the same through its holistic growth groups for children. Talk to one of our expert team members to avail your first consultation and we will be happy to discuss your specific issue and suggest the right approach to permanently solving the issues of your kids.