Preventing Suicide

Suicidal thoughts are scary and intolerable. They arise from extremely challenging situations when your pain becomes unbearable and you feel emotionally broken down. Overwhelmingly formidable feelings like anger, sorrow, shame, despair, and self-guilt take over your thought process and suicide seems to be the only respite. If you are also passing through this gloomy phase of life, take help and support from people you may trust. At Miami Clinical Psychotherapy, we strive to assess every situation individually and confidentially to offer viable solutions.

Suicidal Thoughts

Factors Leading to Suicidal Thoughts:

It is quite difficult to understand a reason behind these pessimistic thoughts. Survival is a basic instinct of human behavior. As such, a person’s decision to commit suicide is shocking and hard to explain. The common trigger factors leading to these thoughts may be:

End of a Relationship:

When you are intensely in love and this relationship is on the verge of severance, it becomes hard to accept. It ends the reason to live and people tend to think about suicide.


A person feels lonely due to reasons like death of near ones, falling out with friends, moving away from home, chronic illnesses, social anxiety, and mental issues.

Professional Problems:

Career is the most important aspect of contemporary lifestyle. As such, situations like under-performance, peer pressure, bullying, and unemployment can lead to suicidal thoughts

Compounding Debts:

Being in a huge debt puts a lot of personal and social pressure. It becomes hard to survive with such humiliating debts that seem never ending.

Why Prefer Miami Clinical Psychotherapy for Preventing Suicidal thoughts?

Psychotherapy is a methodology that incorporates close association between a patient and psychotherapist. At our clinic, we diagnose and prevent suicidal thoughts through our all-inclusive solutions.

Our treatments to prevent suicidal thoughts include:

  • Motivational interviewing
  • Cognitive and behavioral techniques
  • Psycho-dynamic techniques
  • Mindfulness Therapies
  • Acceptance and change techniques
  • Group activities

Our psychotherapists are experienced to handle the complexities of these situations. Hence, we can offer comprehensive therapeutic and emotive therapies to help patients in overcoming their grief forever.